Summary File Compress

It is a summary to uncompress different type of files, some there are necesary to compress or extract to run rooms on RetroPi or other linux distribution. I prefer use tar to compress and uncompress files.


To use tar, the first argument it is mode:

-c  create an archive (files to archive, archive from files)
-x  extract an archive (archive to files, files from archive)

And the next arguments are options:

-f FILE  name of archive - must specify unless using tape drive for archive
-v       be verbose, list all files being archived/extracted
-z       create/extract archive with gzip/gunzip
-j       create/extract archive with bzip2/bunzip2
-J       create/extract archive with XZ

For example:

  • Compress (gzip) and package (tar) the directory myfiles to create myfiles.tar.gz: $ tar -czvf myfiles.tar.gz myfiles
  • Uncompress (gzip) and unpack compressed package, extracting contents from myfiles: $ tar -xzvf myfiles.tar.gz

Other File Compression Tools:

  • .rar:

    • Install: sudo apt-get install unrar
    • Extract: unrar e file.rar
  • .ecm:

    • Install: sudo apt-get install ecm
    • Extract: ecm-uncompress file.ecm
    • Compress: ecm-compress file
  • .mdf (If you need create .cue for playstation):

    • Install: sudo apt-get install mdf2iso
    • Extract: mdf2iso file.mdf
    • Compress or generate cue or toc files: mdf2ios --cue file
  • .7z:

    • Install: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full
    • Extract: p7zip -d file.7z
  • .zip:

    • Install: sudo apt-get install unzip
    • Extract: unzip
    • Compress: zip ./file_to_compress